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ActiWell offers an XML based service (Standard Hotel XML) to hotels, hotel chains and channel management  systems. The latest specifications and options are published on this page.

Testing Access


Before you start programming, we kindly ask you to contact us via e-mail to receive your user name and password for testing access.

We kindly ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • the company and contact person for programming

  • the hotels you want to connect via interface

  • the time frame you are planning to go live

XML Interface Options




ActiWell currently offers the following XML option:

Standard Hotel-XML 1-way Interface

  • Update room rates, availabilty, restrictions


Please note: We currently do not offer a 2-way-interface. Reservations and cancellations are sent directly to the hotel via e-mail, as they include additional information that is not available in standard hotel XML (promotion code, voucher codes, bookings of extra extra services).


Specifications and Codes




Minimum stay: <minimumstay>

  • Value = number of nights; the minimum stay is valid for all rooms and rates of the date(s) selected


Close out: <closed>

  • Value = "true"; property closed for the date(s) selected. All other information (rooms to sell, price etc) is preserved.
  • Value = "false"; property open for the date(s) selected. All other information (rooms to sell, price etc) is reinstated.


Room Rate, Price is using only one rate category - this shall be the best available commissionable daily rate (BAR - best available rate). Rates are loaded per room and night per room type. The currency is preset in the system (local currency of the hotel).

Mealplan: Attention please! The mealplan included in rates is preset in the system as to the hotel's choice (BB, HB, FB, AI). The mealplan cannot be updated or changed via interface and is not verified when receiving rate changes. Before activating a hotel, please contact us to check the mealplan that is beeing set for this hotel.


Room rate: <price>

  • Value = 70.00 (example); Rate per room and night for the room type choosen.


Roomtype, Room ID


The ActiWell-System is using 6 fixed standard room types (see below). It is not possible to use the hotel's own room codes. Please contact us via e-mail, if the mapping of the hotel's room codes to the ActiWell standard room types might be not clear.


Roomtype: <room id="ez_std">

  • "ez_std" = Standard Room Single Use
  • "dz_std" = Standard Room Double Use
  • "ez_sup" = Superior Room Single Use
  • "dz_sup" = Superior Room Double Use
  • "ez_sui" = Suite Room Single Use
  • "dz_sui" = Suite Room Double Use